This site aims to gather real and complete data, that it is not mentioned at the TV, press or radio regarding the economic players from all over East and Central Europe. The classifications of the companies are ordered by terms of sales of over 1 million euro, by business conducted in the country of residence, source of income and profit from operations. In addition this site shows in 7 leagues, organised in country ranks, 14 domains from the region that are among the top activities, (from financial, retail,  food&beverages, transport, tourism, telecom&media, automobiles, mining, constructions, real estate, textile&apparel, IT and others), public administration,transactions,  market value and brands that building business, the shareholders and leaders or better phrased “who make what and who owns what”. Also presents an X-ray of offshore outsourcing of investment funds and companies owned by businessmen from Eastern Euope to America, Europe, Asia, Africa and outlines where they do business. In short you will find out from this website what countries are good at what areas, how many employees work for a project or in a field, where is the know how, who support their community or who and where they pay taxes, or where the profits goes.

In a sentence: who makes the game!


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