Agrokor d.d. is the parent company of the Croatian Agrokor Group. It is engaged in food and beverages production and retail chains operation.



1976 – Agrokor is established in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, as a private company for production of flowers.

1989 – Agrokor is registered as a joint stock company.

1998 – The company takes over local wine producer Jaska Vino d.d.

Oct 31, 2000 – Agrokor d.d. takes over Croatian company Sintagma d.o.o.

Apr 30, 2003 – The company takes over local agricultural company Lovno Gospodarstvo Biokovo d.d.

Sept 12, 2007 – Agrokor d.d. takes over Croatian service company Agrokor Koncerti d.o.o.

Oct 31, 2007 – Agrokor d.d. takes over local trading company Studio Kik d.o.o.

Feb 29, 2008 – The company takes over Zagreb-based logistics company TS Logistika d.o.o.

Mar 25, 2011 – Agrokor d.d. takes over Croatian building materials manufacturer Ciglane Zagreb d.d.

Sept 27, 2013 – The company takes over Croatian international transport company Romah d.o.o. and local wine producer Agrokor Vina d.o.o.


Supervisory Board
Ljerka Puljic
Deputy-Chairman of the Board
Damir Kustrak
Member of the Board
Tomislav Lucic
Member of the Board
Tatjana Rukavina
Member of the Board
Ivan Todoric
Chairman of the Board
Board of Directors and Executives
Mislav Galic
Member of the Board
Piruska Canjuga
Member of the Board
Hrvoje Balent
Member of the Board
Ivan Crnjac
Member of the Board
Ivica Todoric
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Ante Todoric
Member of the Board


Name Direct holding Indirect holding Owner type Country
Ivica Todoric through Adria Group Investments B.V. 91.67 Individual
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 8.33 Institution

Subsidiaries and affiliates

Name Direct holding Indirect holding Country
Agrofructus d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Agrofructus d.o.o. 100.0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agrokor-Zagreb d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Dijamant Agrar a.d. 45.2 Serbia
Frikom a.d. 95.83 Serbia
Fonyodi Kft. 80.44 Hungary
Irida d.o.o. 78.85 Croatia
Jamnica d.d. 80.44 Croatia
Kikindski Mlin a.d. 75.79 Serbia
Ledo Citluk d.o.o. 78.85 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ledo Kft. 78.85 Hungary
Ledo d.o.o. Podgorica 100.0 Montenegro
Mladina d.d. 48.98 Croatia
Euroviba d.o.o. 75.27 Croatia
Jadrankomerc d.d. 77.63 Croatia
Jamnica d.o.o. Belgrade 80.44 Serbia
Jamnica d.o.o. Maribor 80.44 Slovenia
Konzum d.d. 80.55 Croatia
Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo 80.55 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Krka d.o.o. 66.38 Slovenia
Ledo d.o.o. Kosovo 78.85 Kosovo
Ledo d.o.o. Slovenija 78.85 Slovenia
Multiplus Card d.o.o. 60.41 Croatia
Acro d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Agrokor AG 100.0 Germany
Agrokor Energija d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Agrokor Kft. 100.0 Hungary
Agrokor-Trgovina d.d. 100.0 Croatia
eLog d.o.o. 80.55 Croatia
Idea d.o.o. 100.0 Serbia
Ledo d.d. 78.85 Croatia
Sojara d.d. 51.84 Croatia
Solana Pag d.d. 96.49 Croatia
Vupik d.d. 55.76 Croatia
Zvijezda d.d. 51.84 Croatia
Bootleggers d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Slobodna Dalmacija – Trgovina d.o.o. 54.15 Croatia
Tisak d.d. 54.15 Croatia
TPDC Sarajevo d.d. 51.0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zvijezda d.o.o. Ljubljana 51.84 Slovenia
Zvijezda d.o.o. Sarajevo 51.84 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zitnjak d.d. 72.03 Croatia
Lovno Gospodarstvo Moslavina d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
mStart Telekomunikacije d.o.o. 100.0 Croatia
Unex MPG d.o.o. 50.0 Croatia
Agrolaguna d.d. 85.22 Croatia
Agroprerada d.o.o. 67.92 Croatia
Belje d.d. 67.92 Croatia
Dijamant a.d. 73.08 Serbia
Nova Sloga a.d. 95.83 Serbia
PIK Vinkovci d.d. 70.87 Croatia
PIK Vrbovec d.d. 99.99 Croatia
Plodovi Fructus d.o.o. 50.0 Croatia
Sarajevski Kiseljak d.d. 80.98 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Products and services

Agrokor d.d. provides the following products and services:

  • food and beverages
  • electricity and thermal energy


Address:3 Drazena Petrovica Sq.10000,Zagreb, Croatia
Telephones:+385 1 489 4111
Fax:+385 1 489 4080,